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UI/UX Responsive design

We offer our clients cross-platform and cross-device compatible web apps which provides a unique experience to the audience.

By creating a resposive website, we help our clients eliminate the hassle of creating seperate websites for mobile and desktop which saves reasonable amount of time and money. Our design process allows us to make websites which look stunning on smartphones, tablets and desktop monitors, regardless of the device screen configuration.

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Bespoke Web applications

In some occasions you need solutions which are tailored for specific purposes. With a a unique combination of agile methods together with the latest Web trends such as HTML5 responsive and Javascript libraries, we deliver systems which fully fits with your requirements.

Some of the custom web application platforms include:

  • Custom content management admin systems
  • HTML5 custom templates
  • Social API based Apps (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Custom HTML5 players, Video management systems (similar to Youtube)
  • RESTFul API development
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Content Management Systems

We know how important it is to easily update a website, change it's content or even add more functionality. As a result, We help you manage your website by building a system which could be easily managed by you in a user friendly manner.

Our CMS solutions range from custom Wordpress themes, powerful multi purpose Expression engine to bespoke content management systems with user friendly administration systems.

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Custom Audio/Video players

Depending on the type of project and the requirements, we design and develop custom players which enable live or on-demand audio or video streaming. Using the HTML5 technology allows us to have full flexibility in design.

The process normally involves sketching and mocking up the player design prototype and once you are satisfied with the design we build the player. In case you have a prepared design for the player, we will create the HTML markup based on that followed by building the functionality.

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E-commerce solutions

Our web design and development team provides clients with bespoke or third party e-commerce systems. The solutions are integrated with payment gateways of all payment partners.

By building outstanding e-commerce website, we offer your customers a unique shopping experience and help you increase your online customer base and generate more revenue. Our e-commerce solutions span from small online shops to multi-currency e-commerce websites.

Creating an enjoyable experience for the shoppers is our initial aim. To make sure we reach that goal, we create usable websites which allow easy navigation, filtering and searching features to engage the visitors into the website and convert them into customers.

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RESTFul API development

Our expert team of Web developers reboot old websites and transform them into Single Page javascript applications which are supported by a RESTFul API web services. This will enable decoupling of the client-side website from the server-side which will produce more scalable web applications. To give an example, big websites such as Google, Facebook and Twitter follow the same principal.

This service is more appropriate for web applications which are aiming to offer a unique User experience on web similar to that of native mobile applications.

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Get an outstanding website and reach more customers

It could be anything, you name it, we create it

  • Customized

    Bespoke apps tailored to meet your needs

  • Innovative

    Creativity is the key value to us

  • Affordable

    Pay less for a higher value

  • Responsive

    Cross browser and device compatibility

Who we are

About e-Ardi image

E-Ardi is an innovative IT/web solutions company which offers Web UI/UX design and custom Web application development services to companies and individials. We strive the bring the best to our clients and help them grow their Business by creating outstanding applications tailored to their needs.

The company was founded by Ardeshir Eshghi who is specialised in Web Design / Development, Amazon Cloud solutions and User Experience design. Our work started in 2012 and currently proudly serve number of clients in both UK and US. Innovation and integrity are our key values and we see our self as one of the best Web Design/Development agencies in UK.

Our goal is to to keep ourselves up to date with the latest technologies and trends in the industry as we believe that’s what you expect from an Digital solutions company, as opposed to companies which rely on legacy technologies.

What we do

What is different about us?

“From typical brochure websites to complex and bespoke websites, we provide the full solution. Our services range from the UI design to main functionality and development of the website followed by full training to make sure you make the best from your web appearance.”

UI/UX Design

You tell us what you expect from the design and we come up with innovative design ideas which takes into account the blend of aesthetics, usability to make sure it exactly meets your requirements and keeps your clients happy. We will then turn them into wire-frames and mock-ups and once you are completely happy with everything, we will build them into web pages.

Web Apps

Depending on your specific needs, we provide you with tailored applications which are fully scalable and have all the specific features. With use of a wide range of technologies and tools, it is easy for us to choose the best solutions which are fully in line with your needs. These solutions can be easily integrated to other web services and tools to make the best use of other tools on the web.


On top of all other solutions, we will also give you the necessary advise on how to achieve the best outcome from your web appearance. This includes ways on generating user traffic through using Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and best practices on usability and improving the user traction and conversion.

Our process


1. Planning

By spending enough time, we will get to know more about you and your Business and requirements. Through these conversations,we will achieve our aim which is to determine your target audience and to identify the target platforms and devices with which they browse the web, user goals and your Business goals. By evaluating this information, we determine the various stakeholder's needs and what they like to achieve and turn them into user stories using the agile framework. The formulated a solution which will cover both functionality and design aspects of the product. The requirement analysis aids us to define objectives and goals which will help your business benefit from it's web appearance and to reach the right audience. The planning process also involves reviewing of existing system and issues, style and design preferences and your success metrics. This will bring us to the point where we prepare a clear project definition and scope which is aligned with all stakeholder expectations.


2. Design

Once we know what you expect and the plan is set out, we can safely move to the design phase. Initially, we arrange a workshop to brainstorm ideas and visualise them in form of sketches, which will be later used to create design prototypes, wireframes and finally HTML mockups. We will continue this iterative process until you are fully satisfied with the outcome.


3. Development

The development stage commences once the design process is finalised and the HTML markup is fully prepared to be integrated to the website. This step is concerned with building various functionality of the web application to make it work as we have planned to meet your expectations.We begin implementing the functionality based on written User Stories which we have agreed upon in the planning phase. Once, a major user story has been developed, it will be uploaded to the staging server, where it can be tested by you to make sure we are on the same page. This process will continue until all the defined set of functionality is built and approved.

4.Testing & Training

4. Testing & Training

We will spend reasonable amount of time to perform a through test and making sure everything is working. We will allocate a dedicated testing team to try all the functionality and view the website on different browsers and devices to make sure it meets the compatibility requirements. This will be followed by our clients proceeding the tests. Based on the feedback you give us, we refine and improve the design and functionality to reach the satisfactory level.

Finally, we will educate our clients on how to use the website features and manage the content.

Why choose us?

  • Outstanding, fresh, responsive and cross-device compatible designs

  • Reasonably priced services with high value

  • Tailored solutions to your very specific requirements

  • We bring creativity and value to you business

  • We listen well and find opportunities for growth

  • We deliver on time and budget

  • We love to help you grow and succeed

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Latest work

e-Ardi portfolio - Levesongower website project


Levesongower is an IT/ Healthcare recruitment agency. The website needed to enable job search, sending CV and provide information to candidates and employers. Our approach was to use a custom Web 2.0 design combined with a powerful PHP based backend.

After reviewing the project requirements we finally chose Expression Engine as the main solution. We needed to create modules specific to the required functionality. CV uploader and the Job search were the key modules

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e-Ardi portfolio - Car4paint website


Car4paint is a car repair, paintshop and body shop company which facilitates fixing cars for customers. It was required for the website to enable car lookups, uploading images and details of the car and damage. Our approach was to use the most modern HTML5 practices to make the website functional on both mobile and desktop devices

After reviewing the project requirements we finally chose Laravel framework with the support of Backbone to create the admin system.

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e-Ardi portfolio - Beyondtech website project


BeyondTech is an IT service company which offers design and development services to Businesses and individuals. They wanted a website to showcase their work and introduce the range of services they provide.

After reviewing the project requirements we finally decided to create a single page website which gives an overview about the company and allows potential customers to communicate with the company through a simple contact form. They required the website to be mobile and tablet friendly and fully responsive all of which we managed to deliver in line with the client's demand.

The project is almost finished and is currently in the testing stage. With the consent of the client, we have provided a link to test page of the website.

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